Dress up every morning beginning on Monday and go to school; don’t sag or you will look like a gangster that you are so bent in becoming; make sure your stomach is not empty; this is how you make toast, don’t burn it or you will have to scrape the top off; this is how you tie your shoes, make sure you double knot it twice, this is how you ride a bike; this is how you throw a football, make sure you use all your strength to go long; know when to start on your homework or else you will run out of time; this is how you read with excitement; this is how you read a boring story; when you go shopping with mommy, help out with the bags; this is how you make bubbles with your gum, make sure it doesn’t stick to your hair or you will have to stick with a shorter hair style; when you chew gum, don’t pop it—it sounds rude and annoying; this is how you push a lawnmower; this is how you use a weed eater; be very careful how to put the string around it; when it is time to take out the trash, make sure to empty all the trash cans; this is how to enjoy an ice cream cone, lick it quickly before it melts; when you get a cough, cover your mouth; make sure to cover your nose before swallowing medicine so you won’t taste it; do not pick on anyone—they might just pick on you; this is how you ask a girl on a date, and if she says no don’t get discouraged there are plenty more to ask; Don’t ever pick your nose, is shows how gross you are; make sure to go to church every Sunday; and when you sing, will you sing from the bottom of your heart; this is how you show your love to your parents, hug them and kiss them every day, you never know when they will go away!


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