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Boy Commentary

Boy passage reflects on a young boy that expresses all that he has learned and experienced in life. All duties that teach him about responsibility to become mature such as throwing the trash, mowing the lawn and using the weed eater show the way he will be responsible in the future by getting chores done and cleaning after himself. It also explains how he has hobbies. It is important for young boys to have freedom of fun and play sports such as football, riding a bike and going fishing. These are also a part of maturing for the fact that exercising makes you grow healthy. His respective attitude is also a part of his life. He helps his parents, dresses properly—no sagging, covers his mouth when he coughs and does not pop his chewing gum out loud to startle people. This shows his respect towards society and it is also an important part of maturing. Love is definitely exposed in this passage. Since love is one of the most important elements of growing and maturing, Boy explains how to love your parents by hugging them and kissing them because you really never know when they will not be there for him anymore. Not to say, he also describes how the presence of God is love by going to church every Sunday. He expresses his love towards God by asking if you will sing like you mean it by singing from the bottom of your heart. In other words, there is no sense of going to church if you don’t sing to him. Growing to become responsible, respectful, healthy and lovable are all duties that young boys have to go through in life to mature and Boy passage explains how his life duties have been a part of his life and growing towards maturity.



Dress up every morning beginning on Monday and go to school; don’t sag or you will look like a gangster that you are so bent in becoming; make sure your stomach is not empty; this is how you make toast, don’t burn it or you will have to scrape the top off; this is how you tie your shoes, make sure you double knot it twice, this is how you ride a bike; this is how you throw a football, make sure you use all your strength to go long; know when to start on your homework or else you will run out of time; this is how you read with excitement; this is how you read a boring story; when you go shopping with mommy, help out with the bags; this is how you make bubbles with your gum, make sure it doesn’t stick to your hair or you will have to stick with a shorter hair style; when you chew gum, don’t pop it—it sounds rude and annoying; this is how you push a lawnmower; this is how you use a weed eater; be very careful how to put the string around it; when it is time to take out the trash, make sure to empty all the trash cans; this is how to enjoy an ice cream cone, lick it quickly before it melts; when you get a cough, cover your mouth; make sure to cover your nose before swallowing medicine so you won’t taste it; do not pick on anyone—they might just pick on you; this is how you ask a girl on a date, and if she says no don’t get discouraged there are plenty more to ask; Don’t ever pick your nose, is shows how gross you are; make sure to go to church every Sunday; and when you sing, will you sing from the bottom of your heart; this is how you show your love to your parents, hug them and kiss them every day, you never know when they will go away!