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Journal 2

The most difficult part of essay one for me was to describe my analysis. I was able to write what I observed but not able to analyze or describe its purpose. It could be easy to write what you see but having to describe the meaning of it was more of a challenge for me. I was confused at het beginning for the most part. After you would have read my essay one, I made the reader think I was more into selling the product and not describing the advertisement and its purpose. When I received my essay one back from being revised and graded by my professor, I was given an idea as to what I needed to correct and I now have done many changes that delivers the right message towards the reader.

The part of the essay one that changed the most was stating my thesis in almost at the end of every paragraph to remind the reader the purpose as to why they are reading what I wrote. This way the reader will be entertained and will continue reading if the point is found interesting. I also had to add my description to my analysis this way the reader receives more of a clear picture of your message stated in the advertisement in essay one. Coherence is very important when it comes to writing, the reader needs to be able to understand almost exactly what you are trying to convey.

What surprised me the most about essay one and still am surprised, is the time and concentration it takes to specifically express your thoughts into writing. I never thought it would be harder to write rather than just speaking out the message you want to convey. This assignment has really taught me how to put my thoughts into writing and how cautious and analytical you have to be.

I choose a piece of an entire puzzle picture to describe my journey through my essay one. There are many pieces to a puzzle that you need to accomplish and you have to put them together in the correct way otherwise, it is not complete. As well as an analytical essay, you must express your thoughts to describe your meaning and state your point otherwise what would be the sense of writing and for what reason?