Journal 1

Logos these days for insurance companies are being used by consumers. Logos may have bright colors, style letters, pictures or word acronyms. Consumers receive their messages almost through all media, web, post mail or through word conversations you may have or overheard. Insurance logos are one of America’s most seen.

Allstate logo spells its’ name with bright blue italicize letters for a fancy look and it is not all-caps. The logo sounds as if they are located within in all states. The symbol of hands that are used in this logo symbolize that if you ever were to fall they are ready to hold you. With this in mind, consumers will feel safe to rely on their logo almost anywhere. Geico logo in the other hand is not defined as a word. It is an acronym, a word formed from its initials. It will remind consumers who they are truly bonding a relationship with. Most consumers think if they were aware of where these logos come from they would feel more comfortable to rely on them. By the gecco lizard being its symbol that stands with Geico logo, it reminds consumers to reflect to its acronym word. Therefore, the word “gecco” sounds like “Geico”. Each upper case letter of this logo once again is in its bright blue color that will attract attention. Nationwide Insurance logo shows an eagle which symbolizes freedom. To think freedom is ability to act freely. Expressing to their consumers, it is their choice. By the logo consisting two opposite colors being only black and white it reflects plain and simplicity. The meaning of the word nationwide is practically everywhere in the nation allowing easy access. This logo is likely to have an enormous amount of consumers. Progressive logo reminds consumers of its’ meaning, “to progress”. With this in mind, the logo states positive feedback. All capped letters used in this logo send a meaning of demand and attract a loud attention. Of all logos that I have mentioned above, except for Nationwide, once again it is used with a bright blue color. Logos must find this color attractive to consumers.
Insurance logos such as Allstate, Geico, Nationwide and Progressive provide a positive assurance and they will assist you in case if you were to be involved in an accident almost anywhere. Everyone wants to feel safe at all times. These logos convey and image of support anywhere you need it. They will stand by you and protect you. The question is, “which logo will you choose by just their view?”


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